International Trade


International trade is not as hard as it seems because today all the information, tools and resources are available in abundance. Travel and communication are also comparatively cheaper and more efficient.

However, just like in any other endeavor that you are about to undertake, you must be careful in selecting the right parties and smart due diligence is absolutely vital. I do not believe in reinventing the wheel and am always seeking top quality advice on any subject in which I do not find myself to be proficient enough.

Thus, as an Export and International Trade Consultant, I offer my services to those who wish to expand their horizons into International arenas and enjoy the adventures and reap the benefits of Global Commerce.

Although it is important to grow business within the USA, it is equally, if not more important to have a global presence, for many reasons including these facts:

  • That the international market collectively will always be greater than the US market.
  • That the globe has shrunk immensely and it is easy for someone overseas to beat you at your game and on your own turf, so you should do it to them first.
  • It provides security even if one or several economies fail as you are not dependent upon just one Country’s market.
  • Competition and innovation keeps you on your feet and alert.

Please see my Presentations listed below, to have an idea about my background, knowledge, experience and how I can assist your organization in exporting within no time.