Building Companies

I spent the last two years in The Middle East, focusing upon developing channels and strategies for Technology & Know-how transfer from the US to The Middle East & Africa. Most of my concentration has been upon Medical, Healthcare, Education, AI/Robotics, 3D Printing applications, sub-sectors and more.


Currently I am in the process of streamlining my overseas business counterparts, investors and Ministries aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and the Economic Development Plans of UAE countries and Africa.

The incredible findings from my intense hard work over the last three years compel me to impart my knowledge to the leaders of the future.


I wish to openly share this reservoir and wealth of information with the aspiring young entrepreneurs & professionals to help them 'OPEN' their horizons and to catapult their careers into a new galaxy of entrepreneurial and professional environment where the leaders of the World are today. 


It would be awesome to see the younger generation to embrace this opportunity to the fullest and break away from the traditional, stagnant, non-vibrant and stale industries and segments and become people of VISION.

Shahéd Said Khan

President & CEO