About SSK

Shahéd Said Khan

Visionary    I   Entrepreneur   I   Implementer   I   Facilitator 



Shahéd Said Khan belongs to a Business family from Southeast Asia that takes pride in being one of the largest manufacturers of textile and home furnishing goods in the region. The Group comprised of 9 manufacturing units and 65+ retail outlets.


Shahéd controlled this large Group for 16 years before moving to America in 2002. 


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Mr. Khan received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from The University of Wisconsin, U.S.A.

He also attended Concord College, in England, for Physics, Mathematics, and Economics, and carries diplomas in ‘Project Management’, Systems Analysis & e-commerce.

Concord College is a prestigious, World renowned British College located a few miles from Manchester that only enrolls International students from all over the world from almost 30 different countries. This College has been nominated as one of the top FIVE British Colleges in the United Kingdom for many years.

Shahéd has maintained his friendship from his college days at Concord ever since and now has well established and influential friends form Countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and many more.