"Throughout my career, I have been truly fortunate to have worked on prestigious projects with so many brilliant and dedicated people who have inspired me. I have gained tremendous experience through businesses I have owned and clients I have consulted for in over 25 countries expanding over 30 years in diverse industries including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Technology Transfer, Market Research on Global Emerging Markets, Plastics, Packaging, Textiles, General international trading and many, many more industry sectors.


Apart from Technology Transfer and Science related projects, I am currently concentrating upon the development of meaningful and sizeable Missions and Endeavors that would serve the communities calling for attention and long-term solutions to issues that have been lingering for far too long. 


My skills, experience, knowledge and knack for Developing Projects, Resolving complex matters and Building Relationships could be put to much more worthy use if I could redirect these traits towards the noble cause of serving humanity where needed the most.


Thus, I'm devoting a greater share of my time towards developing initiatives for assisting humanity to the best of my capacity and ability, from now. 


I will be working hard in building a team of like-minded individuals. Hence, if you feel that you are one of us, then I invite you to consider my call very strongly and join hands in pursuing the desperately needed tasks in life that warrant services from us. 


I look forward to my new and more meaningful phase in life and wish to work with individuals who have an optimistic and brilliant vision for the future."



Shahéd Said Khan



International Trade

"I have learned the art of selling Globally, Developing Businesses and Business Relationships anywhere in the World - Thanks to my 22 years of related cross-industrial involvement in the United States along with 16 years of experience as a former owner of a large family-owned business group in ‘The Indian Sub-continent’, with Global presence."

I excel at it not only because I have done it all my life, but because it is one of the most exciting aspects of doing business. It offers every kind of experience one can imagine in the world of entrepreneurship.


From traveling the globe to exposure to unlimited number of cultures and nations, commerce, shipping, logistics, laws, languages, customs, traditions and you name it. Each overseas expedition teaches you new lessons in abundance and changes your perspective of life for the better. 


Although it is important to grow business within the USA, it is equally, if not more important to have a global presence, for many reasons.


Building Unique Companies

I have a passion for creating specialized projects by finding ‘hidden gems’ from across the globe and shaping them into highly lucrative opportunities.  I especially find the Middle East and North Africa Regions (MENA) to be extremely rich with these gems.


The essence of our project development is to be able to create initiatives with the highest possible return on investment for our investors and partners.


The basis of my inspiration, conception and subsequent development of such projects has been my past three years of in-depth research on prospects for technology and know-how transfer from the US based leading entities to the Global Emerging Economies.


I have attended numerous trade shows and developed robust relationships with key players and professionals in multiple countries, consequently gaining tremendous insight, knowledge and substantial material to formulate this state-of-the-art initiative.