My Experience


"I am proud to have had the opportunity to execute and implement multiple projects quite diverse in nature."


21    Start-ups

 7   Turnarounds & Bankruptcy Cases

17   Business Development Projects - 

      (12 Global Business Development Cases)

 6   Times served as CEO/President


 “I have had the honor of working with some of the best professionals from various Industries and some great visionaries and dignitaries from different Governments all over the World. It is indeed a rather difficult task to select a few of my top favourite projects, but here are some that I take pride in the most.”

- Shahéd Said Khan


Economic Development Plans of Emerging Economies

Recently studied Global emerging markets and identified, opportunities in the 'Healthcare Technology Transfer' of breakthroughs in the latest innovative healthcare industry in The United States of America. Researched US and European corporations leading in the Medical Technology arena. 



Developing relationships with Top US Universities for collaboration with leading Educational Institutions in developing countries.


Largest Carpet & Home Textiles Manufacturer in Asian Sub-continent

Owner and CEO of the Largest Carpet Manufacturer in the Indian Sub-continent for 16 years. Conducted and developed business in 5 continents and almost 25 Countries across the Globe.


National ID Card System for a Nation of 200 Million People

Developed and processed the entire ‘National Identity Card System' for a Third World Nation of 200 Million citizens on a turn-key basis. The process included the development of software as well as the selection of equipment from four different countries.


Baxter (COMPASS) Pre-filled Syringe Manufacturer

Single-handedly negotiated the entire acquisition of a multi-million dollar Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (Deen) owned by the giant ‘Baxter Corporation’ for ‘American Medical Link’, NJ. Established new departments at ‘Deen’ for Accounts, Human Resource, Production, Marketing, Sales, Order Processing, Customer Service, IT, Regulatory, Costing, Distribution, Procurement and Purchase, and Quality. Developed and implemented a Sales network for a F.D.A. approved pharmaceutical manufacturer consisting of 85 sales representatives. 

MEGA Projects Design & Development for Emerging Economies

Prepared proposals & strategies for building Hospitals, Theme Parks, Medical Tourism and other projects in the Middle East for a private Investment Group in Atlanta. Travelled to various countries and formed a conglomerate of International professionals to execute the projects.


Distribution, Sales & Representation in Overseas Markets

Forged and cultivated relations with the top Distributors and Business Groups in The Middle East and North African (MENA) region for the purpose of promoting US Healthcare Technology in those huge markets. Identified and aligned overseas distributors and agents for US manufacturers and service providers. Attended numerous trade shows and developed invaluable contacts.


Air Pollution Control System Manufacturer

Set up a Marketing & Sales department for one of the largest Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturer in the country. Increased sales exponentially. Devised a process to entertain scores of RFQs involving at least 25 of the top 100 US Government Contractors, along with numerous top manufacturers in the US as well as in The Middle-East and Asia. Worked closely, in developing proposals, with top Engineering companies such as Jacobs Engineering, Mustang, and more, along with many leading Consultants and Economic advisors


Plastic Packaging Plant 

Developed a Mega Plastic Resin Packaging plant on a ‘Turn-Key’ basis for a company in Houston, Texas. The project included securing a large warehouse space, building it according to the requirements, customizing and procuring multi-million dollar equipment, engaging the best personnel locally available in the business, securing contracts with the ‘Union Pacific’ Railway systems, laying railway tracks starting from the business’s warehouse to the distributors.